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Benefits of retail media networks for consumer brands

The current iteration of Retail media networks are a new type of advertising platform that allow brands to advertise directly to consumers while they are shopping online but also extending that reach to omnichannel digital displays and social. These networks use data from the retailer and other sources to target ads to specific consumers based on their interests and shopping behaviours.

Third party cookies have long been a key tool for advertisers and marketers, allowing them to track users across different websites and serve targeted ads based on their interests and behaviours. However, both Safari and Firefox have already blocked third party cookies by default with Google Chrome promising to do the same in 2024, which is having a significant impact on the digital advertising industry. This cookie less world combined with the rich and accurate data of untapped retailer audiences are why brands are leaning their budgets and resources into retail media network advertising.

There are several benefits for brands that choose to advertise through retail media networks. One of the main benefits is the ability to reach highly targeted audiences. By using data from e-commerce websites, retail media networks can deliver ads to consumers who are already interested in the types of products that the brand sells. This can lead to higher conversion rates and more effective advertising campaigns.

Another benefit of retail media networks is that they allow brands to track the effectiveness of their advertising in real-time. Retail media networks use advanced analytics tools to measure the impact of ads on sales and other key metrics, which can help brands optimize their campaigns and make more informed decisions about their advertising budgets.

Retail media networks also provide brands with the opportunity to reach consumers at different stages of the purchase journey. For example, brands can target ads to consumers who are actively searching for products, as well as those who are browsing more generally. This can help brands to build awareness and drive sales at different points in the customer journey.

Overall, retail media networks offer several benefits for brands looking to advertise online. By providing the ability to reach highly targeted audiences, track the effectiveness of advertising in real-time, and reach consumers at different stages of the purchase journey, retail media networks can help brands drive sales and build brand awareness in an increasingly competitive online marketplace.

Zenbundle are building a Commerce media Ad Network with leading retailers, food delivery apps and hospitality brands on the supply side of the marketplace. Our focus is on embedding ads and offers that customers can add to their order so the products do not need to be listed with the retailer / commerce partner so long as the Brand has a digital online boarding journey, we can deep link a qualified customer into.

We are currently in Beta phase in the UK and Irish market, working with a select number of leading consumer brands. If you are a leading Brand marketer or agency – let’s talk?

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