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Grow revenue and delight customers with exclusive purchase linked offers

Easily enhance customer purchases with AI matched exclusive offers, boosting customer satisfaction and average transaction values.

Built for retail, eCommerce, financial services and food delivery companies to delight customers with purchase linked exclusive deals from our brand parnters, while unlocking a new revenue stream.

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Purpose built for consumer commerce

Zenbundle provides a straightforward and user-friendly AI powered customer rewards program, designed for retail, eCommerce, financial services and food delivery partners to extend cost-saving deals to their customers while generating a new revenue stream

Simple integration for eCommerce, app, in store or home delivery customers

Enable your eCommerce store with a simple snippet, apps integrate with our SDK and delight in store & home delivery customers with our dynamic QR code solution.


Choose from our selection of exclusive brand partners and track performance effortlessly through your dedicated partner dashboard, putting control and insights at your fingertips.

Retailer Case Study
Retailer increased e-Commerce site conversion 122%, while generating six figure incremental high margin ad revenue.
A consumer electronics retailer wanted to increase consumer engagement and investigate the potential of retail media
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