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Revolutionizing eCommerce with AI-Powered Retail Media

Craft unique shopping journeys with personalized, GDPR-compliant ads. Driving revenue for retailers and reach for brands in the privacy-centric era.

Who we work with


Retail media solution built for a better customer experience 

Engage your customers with embedded native ads and cross sell offers that are personalised to your customers shopping experience. 

AI powered Retail Media AdTech platform that can autonomously serve ads and offers from brands approved by you. 


Reach qualfied audiences for brand and acquisition while they shop

Reach your audience while they are shopping with AI powered brand and acquisition performance marketing campaigns with advanced audience insight analytics.

Our Solution
Customer AI powered AdTechinstalled with one line of code, configured to your parameters, deployed and serving personalised ads within 7 days.

Millions of anonymised shopping events ingested, parsed and interpreted 
AI Audience segmentation optimised for creative and offer. 
Personalization engine delivers the right message at the right moment 
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