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Revolutionizing consumer commerce with contextual brand ads and offers

Enhance customer shopping experiences with AI matched exclusive offers, boosting customer satisfaction and average transaction values for retailers and unique audience reach for brands

Who we work with

Retail and Consumer Commerce

Delight Customers with Exclusive Offers from Top Brands

Zenbundle provides a user-friendly AI powered embedded ads and customer rewards platform, designed for retail, eCommerce, financial services and food delivery partners to extend cost-saving deals to their customers while they unlock a new revenue stream

Brands and Media Agencies

Reach and acquire customers while they are actively buying 

Zenbundle provides a performance marketing solution that enables brands to reach target audiences while they are shopping, with embedded native ads and offers through our proprietary platform and growing network of omni-channel retail and consumer services partners.

Our Solution
AI powered Retail Media platform installed on eCommerce or app with easy installation via code snippet, SDK or API. Configured for embedded native ad placements and offers pre or post purchase.

Millions of anonymized shopping events are ingested and analyzed in real time
Proprietary customer data platform orrganizes and optimizes anonymized audience segments 
Personalization engine delivers the right offer to the right customer at the right moment 
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