Launch your Shopify Retail Media ad business with pay as you grow usage based pricing

Zenbundle's affodable and easy to use retail media platform for Shopify means you can get started with a small fixed monthly platform fee and only pay usage fee's for ads that can generate revenue of $10-$70 per 1000 paid ad impressions. Zenbundle's quick start program is included with all plans to help you audit, price and commnicate the value of your retail media platform to your advertisers.
14 day free trial, no credit card required
+ $2.49 per 1000 paid impressions
For Getting Started
Earn $10 to $70 per 1000 paid impressions show me how
Ad Campaign Manager
Sponsored Search Display Ads
Sponsored Display Ads
Post Purchase Promotions
Native Embed Ads
Analytics and Automated Reporting
Growth Plus
+ $1.75 per 1000 paid impressions
For Scaling Up
Earn $10 to $70 per 1000 paid impressions show me how
Starter Features plus:
Sponsored Product Ads
Cross-sell and Upsell Ads
Video Ads
Sponsored Brand Page
Non-endemic Ads
API integration for Store Marketing Platforms
Social Offsite API ntegration for Meta and Google
Custom pricing
available on request
+ $1.95 per 1000 paid impressions
Growth features plus:
Data Clean Room Integration
Self-Serve Portal for Advertisers
ML Powered Till Receipt Upload for Offline Offer Validation Journeys
API Integration with in Store Media
API Connection to Point of Sale Till System
Retail Store Add-on
Retail Store Add-on
Retail Store Features
Offline to online Ads
M/L Powered Till Receipt Validator App
API Integration with in Store Media
API Connection to Point of Sale system
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The smartest choice for launching and growing a best-in-class retail media platform

Don't waste months and tens of thousands of dollars on retail media ad platforms that require teams of engineers and specialists to build, manage and monetize. Choose Zenbundle for an easy to use, monetize and manage retail media platform built for Shopify. Get started today with our 30 day money back guarantee.

Full list of features
Close full list of features
Growth Plus
Retail Media Platform
Easily build your  eCommerce Shopify retail media platform that lets you monetize your store while maintaining full control over your store design and user experience
Retail Media Audit
Analysis of your eCommerce store with onboarding success call to help you select optimized placements and ad formats
Campaign Management
Create, schedule and manage retail media ad campaigns with ease from the eays to use retail media admin console
Sponsored Search Display
Sponsored banner and keyword setup to display sponsored display banners
Display Ads
Easily setup optimized static display ad formats including banners, tiles, leaderboard on key page liquid templates, Homepage, Collections and Products.
Add HTML5 Ad zones for Homepage, Collections and Products and ready to serve ads.
Video Ads
Setup Video Ad zone is setup for Homepage, Collections and Products and ready to serve ads.
Sponsored Ads
2 x Sponsored Ad zones within search results and collection page templates.
Basic Native product embed
Embed native ads within product page
Advanced Native product embed
Embed advanced native ads with next action pop ups, overlays, cross-sell, add to cart functions optional
Native Post Purchase Offer Setup
Show personalized offers from your advertisers on the order confirmation page
ZenID: Privacy first event based insights
Anonymized ID privacy regulation compliant event tracking that can deliver enhanced insights and campaign metrics including reach, frequency and advanced audience behaviour insights
ZenCodes: Elevate your retail media capabilities with smart coupons
Sell third party services, digital products or promote non-endemic or local offers with cost per click revenue model
Support via email support ticket system and support portal - 365 days a year
Unlimited products. Sell as many products and services as you want.
Response within 24 hours
Response within 4 hours
Response within 4 hours
Additional staff accounts
Let staff help you run your store retail media business and control permissions
Collaborator accounts
Give designers, developers, and marketing experts limited access to your store. (Does not count toward staff account limits.)
Advertiser Self Serve reporting
Give your advertisers access to real-time reporting for their ad campaigns
Advertiser Self Serve Console
Give your advertisers the ability to create their own campaigns while maintaining full approvals control before ads go live
Retail Media Analytics
Real time reports to track retail media performance at global, advertiser or campaign level.
Automated Revenue Reports
Receive weekly or monthly automated reports detailing revenue earned by advertiser and campaign
Marketing API Integrations
Integrate into marketing applications for user identity resolution
Store Media Server API Integration
Create in store digital campaigns and serve directly to your in store media player
Store Media Campaign Manager
Setup QR codes driven campaigns with dynamic QR codes for full engagement and conversion attribution
Store to Online Sales Journeys
Drive Sales from a store display to online
Machine Learning receipt upload and verification app
Enable customers to upload till receipts with our machine learning powered receipt verification app
APP SDK Integration
Integrate into iOS or Android shopping or loyalty apps to extend campaigns beyond your online store
Offsite Ad Network Connections
Connect your campaigns to social accounts and ad networks Facebook, Instagram and Google to extend advertiser campaigns off site
Data Clean Room API Connector
Collaborate with advertisers by sharing anonymised / hashed data for enhanced full funnel conversion and engagement metrics
DSP Ad network API Connection
Connect to ad exchanges to extend ad campaigns and or enable offsite ads to be displayed on your store
Advanced Customizations
Consultation and development for bespoke ad delivery and formats

Zenbundle integrates into leading Shopify marketing platforms

Got questions? We’re glad you asked.

If you're wondering about how the Zenbundle platform works. We've got some more answers here
How does the 14-day free trial work?

New users can try out the Zenbundle platform for 14 days on their Shopify store without the need for a credit card. Choose the plan that best suits your business before the trial ends to keep on growing your retail media ad business.

How does usage based pricing work?

In addition to the Starter, Growth or Enterprise monthly fixed platform fee, you pay as you grow per 1,000 paid ad impressions. We emphasise paid ad impressions as we want you to only use Zenbundle to deliver incremental paid retail media ad revenue for your Shopify store.

Can I still run ads through my store ads through my traditional content management system?

Yes, you can and we encourage you to continue to run store ads or ads that have been pre-agreed with advertisers through your traditional CMS. These ads run independently to ad campaigns you create through Zenbundle.

Can I run my traditional on-site ads through Zenbundle?

Yes!We have developed the platform so you don't have to choose between your CMS store ads, pre-existing advertising agreements with your suppliers and Zenbundle. Leaning into the zen philosophy, Zenbundle powered ads will blend seamlessly into your Shopify store.

Are there discounts for yearly plans?

Yes! But we believe it is best for you to figure out your needs and build your internal business case over an initial 2 to 3 month period. This way, you can be sure you have the right plan and know the features that best suit your store before committing to a yearly plan.

I have more questions. Where can I find answers?

We'd be happy to help. You can book a demo or contact us through our contact form.

14 day free trial

Get started with a 14 day free trial, no credit card required
Get started now
Onboarding success call & support to get you started
Usage based pricing that only scales when your ad revenue grows
Sponsored Product and Native Ad formats designed for Shopify