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Our vision

To reinvent and simplify how consumers discover and bundle experience enhancing products and services throughout their personalised shopper journey.

Our story

With over 20 years commercial experience bringing new products and services to market via retail and partnerships with leading European retailers and brands we couldn't help notice a major problem and wondering why nobody was solving it, so we thought we'd do something about it...


The No.1 consumer research and purchase channel for consumer technology and appliances (Retailers websites & stores) are out of reach of great complimentary direct to consumer brands.

7 in 10 millennial's stream TV while eating a takeaway but you can’t add a movie or box set to a takeaway order.

There are over 30,000 flights per day in Europe, yet you cant easily discover and sign up to a magazine or entertainment subscription, while you wait to board.

We think that’s a bit daft!

So, we are building a commerce media platform that embeds complimentary direct to consumer brand ads and offers into related consumer purchase journeys - online and offline. 


TV streaming ads and offers while shopping for your next TV or ordering a takeaway.

A quick and easy way to switch broadband provider when buying your next internet connected device. 

A beach body ready meal kit offer when you book your next holiday or a magazine subscription as you board the flight.

The opportunity to create value for consumers, Brands and our partners (leading retailers and consumer apps) is endless.

Join us and help build the future of embedded commerce media.


Level 1, The Linc, TU Dublin, Blanchardstown, Dublin, D15 VPT3

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