Reach millions of consumers, while they shop

Zenbundle makes reaching high-intent consumers easy with a growing network of mid-size retailers that help brands reach their audiences

First party retail media

Cookieless, shoppable ads embedded into high-intent shopper journeys

Zenbundle helps brands extend their reach into high-intent, matched audiences through our network of small and mid size retailers. Select from brand awareness to acquisition objectives and through one activation Zenbundle can embed your brand directly into shopper journeys with 1-click sign up actions.

Non Endemic Ads

Audiences matched to brand product or moment

Expand your brand reach into  contextually relevant , matched shopper journeys

Shoppable Non Endemic Ads

Shoppable product ads

Activate shoppable ads and drives sales with shoppable matched ads within shopper journeys.

Native product embed ads

Native ads embedded into product pages

Ads are matched to shopper journeys using retailers first party data and anonymized audience shopping behaviour.

Post Purchase Promotions

Reach highly qualified prospects post purchase

1-click shoppable native ad formats embedde in the order confirmaton page and email

Advertisers Performance Marketing Metrics

Only pay for performance

Only pay for verified real user engagement with viewable impressions , unique user click and unique user redemption options available.

Advertisers Insights

Closed loop measurement

Cookieless closed loop measurement delivers clear, measurable return on ad spend reporting and insights

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Clear performance metrics that matter

Get real-time analytics and weekly automated reorts with clear metrics on unique impressions, viewable imressions, clicks, unique clicks and conversion.  

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Expand your reach into non-endemic matched shopper journeys

Join the Zenbundle publisher network and reach high-intent qualified customers while they browse and shop for machine learning matched product or experience moments.

Discover how top brands use retailer partnerships to target audiences while shopping

Discover how retail media advertising can unlock a 75%+ margin revenue stream for your online store.