Demonstrating the Effectiveness of Non-Endemic Advertising: A Case Study on an Innovative TV Streaming Brand Campaign


In the dynamic realm of digital advertising, leveraging non-endemic advertising strategies can significantly enhance brand visibility and customer acquisition. This case study delves into the effective execution of a non-endemic ad campaign by a prominent TV streaming brand, which harnessed our advertising platform to ingeniously embed its brand and acquisition ads into the shopping journey of TV shoppers within the Shopify e-commerce store of a leading omnichannel consumer electronics chain. The campaign's timing during the peak Black Friday and Christmas shopping period of 2023, its strategic implementation, and the remarkable outcomes underscore the potential of well-crafted non-endemic advertising strategies.

The Campaign Strategy

The cornerstone of the campaign was the seamless integration of the TV Streaming Brand into the consumer electronics shopping experience, targeting customers in the market for TVs, tablets, and smartphones. This integration was meticulously designed to capture the attention of shoppers at multiple touchpoints within their journey:

Contextual Relevance: Ads with brand and acquisition-led messaging were introduced to users navigating through TV shopping journeys.This included contextual banner ads placed within TV search results,collections, and product pages, ensuring maximum visibility.

Native Product Embeds: Native ads were strategically placed within all TV product pages, providing a seamless experience that didn't detract from the user's shopping journey but rather complemented it.

Post-Purchase Engagement: Post-purchase promotions were delivered to customers who purchased a TV, incentivizing them to consider the streaming service for their new device.

Key Results

The campaign's outcomes were compelling, showcasing the effectiveness of non-endemic advertising when executed with precision:

Broad Reach: The campaign reached 2.7% of the total population, demonstrating significant penetration.

Targeted Impact: A remarkable 34.5% of all TV shoppers during the Black Friday and Christmas shopping period were reached, highlighting the campaign's successful targeting.

High Opt-in Rate: Among TV buyers, 16.7% opted in to a Streaming offer for their new TV, illustrating the effectiveness of post-purchase promotions.

Redemption and Conversion: Of the TV buyers who bundled an offer, 37.12% went on to redeem the offer with the TV brand, indicating strong conversion rates.

Brand Uplift: The campaign achieved a 76.4% higher search term volume for the Brand name during the active campaign period, signifying substantial brand uplift.


This case study exemplifies the power of non-endemic advertising in not only reaching a wide audience but also achieving deep engagement with targeted segments. By embedding the brand into the consumer's shopping journey in a contextual and native manner, The TV Streaming Brand was able to significantly enhance brand visibility, engagement, and ultimately,conversion rates. This campaign underscores the value of innovative advertising strategies in the digital age, offering insights and inspiration for iinovative brands looking to tap into non-traditional advertising avenues for growth.

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