Enhancing the Takeout experience with the perfect Side of TV Streaming

TV + Takeout
TV + Takeout

Campaign overview

In an era where digital consumption patterns intricately intertwine with daily routines, identifying and tapping into these habits can unlock unprecedented advertising opportunities. This case study illuminates the strategic collaboration between a leading TV streaming service and a premium Asian food takeout restaurant, which aimed to marry the convenience of quick-service dining with the immersive world of streaming entertainment. Inspired by the insight that 6 in 10 Gen Z and millennial consumers stream TV while eating a takeaway, this campaign ingeniously embedded the TV Streaming offer into the takeout restaurants online ordering process, enhancing customer experiences during the summer of 2023.

Strategy and Execution

Recognizing the lifestyle habits of their target demographic, Zenbundle enabled a campaign that would seamlessly integrate entertainment into the food ordering experience:

Consumer Insight: Leveraging research indicating a high propensity among younger consumers to combine streaming with meal times, the campaign aimed to provide a value-added proposition to enhance this experience.

Seamless Integration: Ads promoting the TV streaming offerwere skillfully woven into the online customer journey on the takeaway restaurants ordering platform, ensuring visibility without disrupting the user experience.

Instant Gratification: Upon making a qualifying purchase, customers instantly received a personalized email delivered from the Zenbundle platform, containing a 1-click unique offer code for a 1-month NOW membership.This process was designed for ease, allowing customers to effortlessly unlock their pre-filled basket with the offer code.

Impactful Results

The campaign's results were a testament to the power of insightful, integrated advertising approaches:

High Engagement: The embedded offer ad achieved a 21% click-through rate, indicating strong interest and engagement from Camile's customers.

Exceptional Open Rate: The personalized offer email boasted a 66% open rate, demonstrating the effectiveness of targeted, relevant promotions.

Rapid Redemption: Significantly, 34% of users redeemed the offer before their takeaway arrived, echoing pre-campaign insights about streaming habits during mealtimes. This immediate engagement highlighted the campaign's resonance with consumer behavior.

Wide Reach: Within just one day, 61% of users had claimed the offer, showcasing the compelling appeal of combining premium dining with high-quality entertainment.


The non-endemic collaborative campaign exemplifies how understanding and integrating into consumer lifestyles can create mutually enriching experiences that go beyond traditional advertising paradigms. By embedding a streaming service offer into the takeaway ordering process, the campaign not only reinforced existing consumer habits but also added value to the dining experience. This case study highlights the innovative potential of leveraging digital platforms for cross-promotional campaigns, offering key insights for brands looking to connect with consumers in meaningful, impactful ways.

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