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Zenbundle's affodable and easy to use retail media platform for Shopify means you can get started with a small fixed monthly platform fee and only pay usage fee's for ads that can generate revenue of $10-$70 per 1000 paid ad impressions. Zenbundle's quick start program is included with all plans to help you audit, price and commnicate the value of your retail media platform to your advertisers.
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Enhance your Retail Media Strategy and increase your vendor marketing revenue by up to 5 times with existing vendors while expanding your reach to non-endemic, complementary brand advertiser partnerships. Zenbundle is tailor-made for retailers, not techies, enabling you to launch your Shopify Retail Media efforts swiftly—in days, not months. Opt for Zenbundle for an intuitive, easy-to-monetize, and manage retail media platform that integrates seamlessly with Shopify. Kickstart your journey with our 14-day free trial, no credit card required.

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Got questions? We’re glad you asked.

If you're wondering about how the Zenbundle platform works. We've got some more answers here
How do I install Zenbundle within my Shopify Store?

Search for "Zenbundle" on the Shopify app marketplace and click install. Follow the YouTube instructions above.

How do I setup my first Zenbundle ad campaign on my Shopify Store?

Follow the YouTube instructions above for an overview of how to create Ad Placements and an Ad Campaign.

How does the free tier work?

New users can try out the Zenbundle platform with our Free Tier to get started . The Free Tier is limited to 1 active campaign and 20,000 Ad impressions for Ads within your store and 1000 ad impressions for Ads within the Post Purchase order status page. There is no credit card required to register and setup the Free Tier and you will not be charged unless you upgrade to a Paid Tier. See our pricing page for further details on our plans.

How does usage based pricing work?

With our Paid Plans you are charged a fee per 1,000 ad impressions served, also known as the Cost Per Mile or CPM. For example, with our Growth plan you pay a flat fee per month of $199 and then $2.50 CPM or per 1,000 ad impressions served. See our pricing page for further details on our plans  

Can I still run ads through my store ads through my traditional content management system?

Yes, you can and we encourage you to continue to run store ads or ads that have been pre-agreed with advertisers through your traditional CMS. These ads run independently to ad campaigns you create through Zenbundle.

How much should I charge advertisers?

We have designed the pricing model to be easy to understand and communicate to your advertiser partners. You pay Zenbundle a CPM (cost per mile / 1,000 ad impressions) rate and we reccomend that you charge your advertisers a CPM rate. CPM rates in Retail Media vary depending on factors such as audience type, audience size, vertical and whether you are an authorized reseller for consumer brands. Typical CPM rates range from $20 to $50. Using a $25 CPM as an example, you would charge your advertisers $25 and it would cost you $2.50 if you were on the Growth Pricing Plan or $1.75 if you were on the Scale pricing plan. If you want a free estimate of how much you can charge you can use our Free Retail Media Revenue Calculator

Are there discounts for yearly plans?

Yes! But we believe it is best for you to figure out your needs and build your internal business case over an initial 2 to 3 month period. This way, you can be sure you have the right plan and know the features that best suit your store before committing to a yearly plan.

How do I communicate the ad packages and value proposition to my vendors?

If you choose the Growth or Scale plan we will provide you with a Free Slides template that clearly communicates the value proposition of why your suppliers should advertise through your retail media platform. Most major consumer brands are likely already familiar with and spending marketing budget on retail media platforms. We recommend starting with a pilot campaign with 1 to 2 suppliers, then expand the offering to all vendors once you have the performance data from this pilot.

I have more questions. Where can I find answers?

We'd be happy to help. You can book a demo or contact us through our contact form.

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